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After spending decades in Saudi Arabia, there was a dire need for the similar atmosphere where all ex-employees of Saudi Aramco and their Families can meet in Karachi, Pakistan for social and moral activities.  Besides the parents; several children who were born studied and even married in Saudi Arabia were also looking for the same atmosphere can we bring the past back? No, however, we can endeavor to establish that atmosphere here in Karachi.

Therefore,  Mr. Mohammad Abdul Mateen, Mr.Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan and
took the opportunity and started contacting all available ex-employees in Karachi and arranged successfully the first get together party on October, 11, 2010 in a local restaurant.

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Ramadan Mubarak 1435 h

May ALLAH bestowed you peace, serenity , tranquillity and health in this HOLY MOINTH of “RAMZAN” along with his blessing and bliss. Ramzan Mubarak..!!

May ALLAH bestowed you peace, serenity , tranquillity and health in this HOLY MOINTH of “RAMZAN” along with his blessing and bliss. Ramzan Mubarak..!!

Ramadan Mubarak 1435h

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Saeea Wishes Happy New Year to all Saeea members Hope this year brings happiness and prosperity to their family and to our beloved country Pakistan.
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